Programme Description

The free hydrogen course educates you in seven activities about the challenges and opportunities of the shift towards hydrogen. A unique aspect of this course is that it shows the changes that are needed in every discipline, because we need experts from every discipline to make a successful transition. . 

A link to each of the activities can be found below

How does it work?

As mentioned, all of the lectures have been given. Luckily, there is a recording of all the lectures and they can be seen in the online library.

  • Go to the online library 
  • Sign in for this course 
  • Sign in for the 7 activities about hydrogen that are shown on the calendar (the Hydrogen Valley Tour is not a mandatory part)
  • Watch the 7 activities
  • After attending all the activities, you will be invited for the graduation ceremony! 

Starting date:

Any date

Time of study:

7 Energy Learning Activities (30-40 minutes per activity)

Enter requirements:

None, only a general interest in the energy transition