Different programmes

The programmes of New Energy Academy are designed for everyone with an interest in energy, from all levels. Do you have an interest in spatial questions? Technical challenges? Or about the social issues of the transition? You’re all invited to join the programmes! Create your own learning path and join one or more programmes 

Course – Energy Academy Certificate 

Students from Hanze UAS and the University of Groningen can obtain the Energy Academy Certificate. The Certificate attests that you are able to bring a smart interdisciplinary perspective to the energy transition. 

  • 10 Energy Learning Activities
  • 30 ECTS interdisciplinary energy education 

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Course – Energy Transition Challenged

For all students and professionals we offer ‘Energy Transition Challenged’. This proofs that you have obtained valuable and specialised knowledge about the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition, presented. 

  • 9 Energy Learning Activities
  • 1 Masterclass ‘Connecting the dots’
  • 1 final one-pages  

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Mini Course – Northern Energy Region

The mini course ‘Northern Energy Region’ can be followed by all students and professionals. The certificate you obtain indicates that you have gained specific knowledge about the northern energy region of the Netherlands.

  • 4 Energy Learning Activities with Northern focus
  • 1 Micro MBA 

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Mini Course – Global Energy Dynamics

In addition to mini course about the northern energy region of the Netherlands, we offer the mini course ‘Global Energy Dynamics’. This course, as the title suggests, looks at the global energy transition and provides you more knowledge about the global challenges in transition.

  • 4 Energy Learning Activities with a Global focus
  • 1 Micro MBA 

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Micro MBA

Twice a year a Micro MBA is organised by New Energy Academy, in cooperation with various partners. An intensive half day course with a focus on a relevant and interdisciplinary energy topic.

  • Twice a year
  • Optional as part of one of the programmes  

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Other Energy programmes

New Energy Academy offers a comprehensive and integrated educational programme at all levels – from vocational training to PhD – tailored to the needs of our students. We work together with our educational partners to produce the best skilled professionals and excellent researchers.