The energy transition is unbelievable complex and requires long term investments and willingness from politicians and citizens. But is also needs are refreshing and innovative ideas! We challenge you to come up with an idea which can bring the energy transition a step further. It doesn’t matter whether your idea is big or small, realistic or a global concept, you can use all your creativity, as long as you try to accelerate the energy transition! Creating your personal one-pager called ‘Energy Change Paper’ (previously ‘My Energy Acceleration’) is one of the requirements of the course Energy Acadamy Certificate if you’re not a student of Hanze UAS or University of Groningen.

How does it work?  

  • Choose your topic; (part of) a learning activity, a news item, a general topic, etc. 
  • Explain your thoughts about your idea
  • Create a nice lay out; like you’re going to publish this in a magazine

Note, it’s optional to justify your ideas with scientific research, not mandatory. 


After you’ve uploaded your Energy Change Paper, it will be judged by the experts of New Energy Academy. They will check if your Energy Change Paper touches on the topics.    

  • Innovation/Creativity: How unique is this idea? Or what about using the existing part for something new?
  • Impact: An impact can be very broad, give some insights into the impact your idea could make
  • Critical reflection: Were you able to reflect on your own paper? What could be a dealbreaker?
  • Practicalities: max. 1 page (A4), about the energy transition, in English, with attention for a design/ lay out 

Paper overiew