Programme Description

The Geopolitics of Hydrogen course provides a comprehensive understanding of the global dynamics surrounding the production, trade, and policies related to hydrogen. As the world transitions towards a sustainable energy future, hydrogen emerges as a key player in the global energy landscape. This course explores the geopolitical implications of hydrogen, delving into its potential for international trade, energy security, diplomacy, and its impact on the developing world. By examining these aspects, participants will gain valuable insights into the complex interplay between nations, markets, and policies in the hydrogen sector.

Participate in this course and:

  • Discover the geopolitical dynamics shaped by the main 20 hydrogen markets
  • Explore the hydrogen strategies and policies since the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
  • Understand the key stakeholders and policy drivers to watch and approach
  • Gain in-depth analysis of the existing international hydrogen institutions
  • Investigate possible scenarios using a regional approach

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Starting date:

December 2023

Time of study:

5 Energy Learning Activities (40-50 minutes per activity)

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None, only a general interest in the energy transition




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