What lectures are available? 

The complete series of Global Hydrogen Certificate series is already available.  

All Energy Academy Certificate lectures will be available since we started recording in 2020. Since this is an enormous amount of lectures to bring online. We will upload as many videos as possible from the past every month and share an update in our Newsletter.  

How long does it take until a live webinar is available in the online library?

Converting a live webinar to an online one will take approximately two weeks.  

How can I access the online lecture? 

Login to, click on ‘Events’ in the top menu, scroll down a bit, switch from ‘Recommended’ to ‘On demand’ and click on the option ‘view’ behind the Energy Lecture of your choice.

Rules of the Game:   

For the system to approve the lecture, you have to meet two requirements: 

  1. It is required to have a watch time of 90%  
  2. It is required to answer the pop-up questions. The pop-up questions will appear while you are watching the lecture and are only visible for a short amount of time. This practice is in place to ensure your participation. Answering a question wrong will have no influence on the approval.  

How many trials do I have for a lecture? 

There is no limited trial number. You can watch every lecture as often as you want.

When will I see the approved learning activity on my New Energy Academy dashboard?

Usually, you will see the progress within a little amount of time. However, it is possible that our system needs longer to update due to the demand. Therefore, it can take up to 24 hours till your progress will be visible to you.

Can I receive the PowerPoint slides? 

We are still determining if that is feasible for the online library.

Do you have more questions? Please, send us an email. 

We are happy to help you every step ahead.