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New Energy Academy is open for anyone who wants to be part of the energy transition. Our aim is to match the supply and demand of skills needed in the energy sector. We do this by broadening and deepening the knowledge of our students and by developing the understanding of the complexities involved in this transition. To this end, we organise weekly activities, such as masterclasses, debates, and lectures, drawing world leading experts from various disciplines and across the globe. We offer a platform to learn from specialists and network with energy-related organisations.

Along facilitating extracurricular activities, we offer specific programmes that lead to a valuable certificate from New Energy Academy. Anyone can choose one of the programmes and create their own learning path.

Our programmes

Meet talents

Is your organisation interested in meeting the students of New Energy Academy? Please let us know! We are always trying to connect students and organisations active in the field of energy.

There are several options for organisation. For example:

  • Collaborate with us on a topic or as guest lecturer at an Energy Learning Activity
  • Present your organisation during an excursion to your company
  • Participate in our yearly Career Event where you can have a booth, meet with students through speed dates, or give a presentation

Do you want to know more about what we can offer? Please contact us to discuss the options.

New Energy Coalition

New Energy Academy is part of New Energy Coalition, a continuously growing network of knowledge institutions, companies, governments and NGO’s working together to accelerate the energy transition for a sustainable future. By working together on the themes Human Capital and Research & Innovation we are the drivers of change of the energy transition.

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More energy education

Do you work in the energy sector or a related field and do you want to learn more about the energy transition and what it involves? Our activities and programmes are available for everyone with interest in the energy transition. If you are a professional, we recommend you also take a look at what our colleagues at New Energy Business School offer. They provide short training courses, master classes, executive programmes, mini-mba’s and in-company training for (energy) professionals from all over the world

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