Energy Security

  • Learn more about the role of hydrogen in the energy transition 
  • Find out about the challenges for hydrogen in geopolitics 
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Hydrogen has often been seen as a potential remedy for energy security concerns. The oil price shocks
of the 1970s and the peak oil prices of the early 2000s drove earlier waves of interest in hydrogen – and
for good reason. Clean hydrogen could bolster energy security in three major ways: 1) by reducing import
dependence, 2) by mitigating price volatility, and 3) by boosting energy system flexibility and resilience.
Most of these benefits are associated with green hydrogen, not blue. And many of them arise only when and
if the market develops.

Interested in learning more about hydrogen? 

The New Energy Business School offers a variety of options in hydrogen education: masterclasses, intensive courses & e-learnings. More information can be found on this page.


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