How does it work?

The calendar will be updated frequently with a wide range of topics. From the technical aspects to the economical, the societal or the spatial aspects. With lecturers from different places like governments, international companies, regional businesses, universities, start-ups, etc. Also, the complexity and intertwining between the aspects will be addressed and you’ll meet lecturers from all over the world. You can join one or more activities, whatever you like the best! Or you can put together your own combination of activities of your personal interest, just to stay updated about the latest developments or for your own learning path.  

If you are enrolled for a New Energy Academy Programme, a requirement of all of the programmes is to follow a certain amount of Learning Activities. Activities will only count for your programme if you attend them fully. For the online activities a questionaire will be sent to you afterwards, make sure to fill in these questions on time in order to let the activity count. All activities will be registered in your personal account. Even if you didn’t sign up yet for a programme, all attended activities will be administrated and can count for a programme once you sign up for one. If you would like to watch the Energy Lectures back at another time, you can do so via the online library. 

  • For who? Students, professionals, starters, high school students, etc.
  • Background knowledge needed? No, the activities will start with some general information and take you step by step into the depth of the topic
  • Level? +- Bachelor-level
  • Learning outcome: identify the developments, recognize the different aspects, get to know about the ‘different languages’ spoken in the sector
  • Time investment? It depends on the kind of activity, mostly only joining the activity, no preparation
  • Award? Attending an Energy Learning Activity brings you a step closer towards one of the programmes
  • Any other questions? Check out the FAQ