How can the world recover from the coronavirus pandemic while also addressing climate change and the Paris climate agreement? The pandemic has brought social and economic disruption worldwide but is also providing the opportunity to push economies in a more sustainable direction. The pandemic has introduced unforeseen travel restrictions, changed our study and work habits, and forced us to reflect critically on our lifestyles. How do we retain these changes and prevent falling back into our old habits?  

During this Micro MBA you will learn about the impact of the COVID-pandemic on our lives and how we can use the changes the pandemic brought to our daily lives for a more sustainable recovery. We’ll take a moment to explore the complexity of the transition from different angels. Afterwards you have a contemporary overview of the energy transition in context of the pandemic.  

This Micro MBA is one of the three Micro MBA’s we offer every year. And will count as one of the requirements for the mini courses ‘Global Energy Dynamics’ and ‘Northern Energy Region’.  

  • Thu 3 March
  • 14:30 - 17:00 (CET)
  • Online