Programme description

New Energy Academy organizes several Micro MBA’s a year. In cooperation with various partners like New Energy Coalition’s business school Energy Delta Institutethe Young Energy Professionals (YEP) Association of the Netherlands and others. This way, we can offer you a programme with various high level speakers from all over the world. Always with a focus on an interdisciplinary topic. 

Previous topics contained: Around the world in one day / What if we fail? / Oceans of New Energy.

The upcoming Micro MBA’s will be:

  • 3 March ’22 – Sustainable recovery after COVID
  • 24 May ’22 – The world in 2050

Due to the Corona-measures, the Micro MBA of March will be organised online.

Micro MBA as part of a programme

The Micro MBA is a mandatory requirement of the two mini courses ‘Global Energy Dynamics’ and ‘Northern Energy Region’. A moment to explore the complexity of the transition from different angels. And afterwards you’ll have the ability to review and recall on the energy transition in its context. A unique part of our mini courses!

Make sure you’ll join one of the Micro MBA’s.

How does it work?

  • Sign in for the specific micro MBA. Even if you’ve signed up for the mini course
  • Join the Micro MBA
  • A questionaire will be sent to you afterwards, make sure to fill in these questions on time in order to let the Micro MBA count


Any other questions? Check out the FAQ! 

Open for:

Everyone (students, (young) professionals, general audience)

Time of study:

4 hours, no preparation time

Enter requirements:

None, only a general interest in the energy transition

This is:

A mandatory requirement for the mini courses ‘Northern Energy Region’ and ‘Global Energy Dynamics’. NOT an Energy Learning Activity.



Event date:

3 March 2022, 24 May 2022