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Bioenergy is called green energy because the source is in principle renewable: biomass does not run out, it can grow again (unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gas). During this growth, carbon dioxide is removed from the air: plants store carbon in their tissues and make oxygen.

Burning biomass releases CO2, just like natural gas, oil and coal. The idea with biomass is that the CO2 that is released, is absorbed by growing forest or other organic material. Due to the growth, biomass does not run out. It is a renewable resource, unlike natural gas, oil and coal. The discussion is about whether this works in practice. What are the criteria for calling biomass sustainable?

  • Tue 23 February
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Victor Smith

Victor joined Copenhagen Merchants (“CM”) in 2020 and is responsible for the sustainability strategy at CM Group.

Patrick Kongsback

Patrick joined CM Biomass in 2019 and is overall responsible for business development in CMB.

Holger Welling

Holger joined CM Biomass in 2019 and now works for the business development department.