Getting microplastics out of the ocean

  • Learn from a successful entrepreneur and innovator 
  • Find out about the microplastics challenges and solutions 
  • Get to see a live demonstration on how Fionn cleans the ocean 

For organizations, governments, and industries. seeking to combat plastic pollution in waterways, Fionn’s technology presents a tangible and scalable solution. Its efficacy has not only earned global recognition, such as the Google Science Fair 2019 Grand Prize, but also positions Fionn’s invention as a pivotal tool in the journey towards cleaner oceans and freshwater sources. ‘If you’re aiming to invest in or implement cutting-edge environmental technology, Fionn Ferreira’s microplastic removal method is a game-changer. Learn more here. 

  • Wed 14 February
  • 15:00 - 16:15 (CET)
  • Energy Academy Europe
    Nijenborgh 6
    9747 AG Groningen, NL

Fionn Ferreira

Scientist, Inventor and Sustainability Advocate