Young professionals entering the energy sector will inevitably have to consider the significance of the energy transition – the transformation of today’s current energy systems into more sustainable ones. Complex transformations of organizations will also be required, and necessary skills and qualities from energy leaders will be needed in order to help accelerate a successful energy transition. During this Micro MBA, you will learn what it takes as a young energy professional to become a successful leader! 

  • Develop your own leadership style with practical skills and values  
  • Learn to inspire, engage, and motivate others 
  • Collaborate with energy professionals and future energy leaders 


Yanos Michopoulos and other leadership experts will share their experience, leadership skills and knowledge, to help you in achieving success as a leader. Whether you are aiming to build a new business, grow an existing one, or learn to better understand what is expected from you. 

This event will boost your ability to inspire, engage and motivate others, and show you how to be resilient and adaptable to change while also reaching your personal goals. 

All of this will be discussed to help empower you in taking the next steps in becoming a change leader! 

  • Wed 22 September
  • 13:00 - 17:15 (CEST)
  • Online

Yanos Michopoulos

Yanos Michopoulos has 25 years international business experience in a variety of roles across the EMEA region in both the private and public sectors, especially in energy, infrastructure and private equity.