Join the discussion on the role of nuclear energy

The controversy concerning nuclear energy has however become more prominent after a number of incidents involving nuclear powerplants and the growing concern regarding the storage of nuclear waste and its potential burden for future generations.

Participate in the Hanze Nuclear debate gives you the opportunity to;

  • Gain insight into the opposition and proposition arguments of Nuclear energy.
  • Experience the dynamics of discussing this energy transition related energy technology
  • Sharpen your debating skills regarding this complex topic.


The discussion on the necessity of nuclear power in the energy transition is complex and multifaceted. Knowledge and experience in the argumentation underlying the debate is crucial for well-considered decision making.


This activity does not count for one of the Energy Academy Certificate programmes

  • Tue 8 February
  • 15:00 - 16:30 (CET)
  • Zernikeplein 11
    Zernikeplein 11
    9747 AS Groningen, NL