H2Roadtrip - The Importance of Hydrogen

  • Learn about the importance of hydrogen
  • Find out about the hydrogen storage solutions
  • See the challenge and experience of a zero emission roadtrip

Hydrogen plays a crucial role in meeting the Paris climate agreement targets for 2030. While it has been previously touted as the fuel of the future, we want to emphasize that the future is now. H2storage offers solutions that contribute to fulfilling the Paris climate agreement today, storing hydrogen under high pressure for immediate use in fuel cells or combustion engines. Founded in 2018 by André and partners, H2storage believes in hydrogen as an ideal storage and transport solution for clean energy, especially given their backgrounds in the energy, composite, and automotive industries.

After four years of development, including prototype testing and certification processes, they’re proud to announce the production of their high-pressure storage tank pre-series for integration projects. Personally driving a Toyota Mirai, they’ve traversed Europe emission-free, refueling with hydrogen at available stations along the way.

Their journey doesn’t stop there. They’re planning a 12,000-kilometer road trip from Norway to Turkey along the European coast to showcase the possibilities of hydrogen. This trip isn’t just about demonstrating their tank; it’s about proving that with the right storage and planning, transitioning to hydrogen is viable today. Join us as they embark on this transformative journey and share the possibilities with the world.

  • Tue 21 May
  • 15:00 - 17:00 (CEST)
  • Energy Academy Europe
    Nijenborgh 6
    9747 AG Groningen, NL

André Molengraaf

Founder of H2storage and Program Manager at VDL Bus & Coach bv

Els Molengraaf

Professional entrepeneur, specialist in project/event management