See the fully bio-based chemical and recycling industry in Delfzijl


  • Find out about the latest developments at Groningen Seaports 
  • Get to know how Groningen Seaports is building the future 
  • Learn the importance of collaboration in green innovations 


During the excursion, we will look at the chemical and recycling industry in Delfzijl, which are fully bio-based. But there is more, like the latest plastic soup technology, worlds first lignin road, the creation of new habitat for underwater nature and of course extensive energy production.  

Practical information: 

We will leave at 12:30 from Groningen central station and return there between 17:30 and 18:00.  

This activity can be used for the following certificates:

  • Energy Academy Certificate
  • Energy Transition Challenged
  • Northern Energy Region
  • Thu 12 May
  • 12:30 - 18:00 (CEST)
  • Handelskade Oost 1
    Handelskade Oost 1
    9934 AR Delfzijl, NL