New Energy Academy x SAMEEN

  • Join the excursion to see how a sustainable project agency operates
  • Find out about different working techniques at the workshop
  • Learn how SAMEEN is successfully taking care of all their projects


The excursion starts at 15:00 at DE STEK (Euvelgunnerweg 25A). Expected end time is 17:00.

The Workshop:
This workshop aims to deepen your understanding of sustainability in businesses. We will start with a presentation on how individuals can contribute to making businesses more sustainable, along with a brief introduction about SAMEEN. Following this presentation, you will work on a case study, gaining insights into working on a sustainable project in your region of interest. Together, we will explore strategies for making the labor market more sustainable. After the workshop, there will be a networking drink, providing an opportunity for further discussions about sustainability and job opportunities.

SAMEEN is a mission-driven organization. That wants to make the labor market more sustainable from the bottom up, and is doing this successfully! Sustainability is broader than the environment and global warming. Sustainability is also reflected, for example, in job satisfaction, relationships, use of raw materials, living happiness, employability of staff and so on. As far as they are concerned, sustainability is a concept that characterizes whether something is future-proof or not. They therefore always ask whether a new project contributes to a brighter future.

  • Thu 22 February
  • 15:00 - 17:00 (CET)
  • Euvelgunnerweg 25A
    Euvelgunnerweg 25A
    9723 CV Groningen, NL

Jente Vermeer

HR-Manager at SAMEEN