In 2014, the first windmill from ‘Enschede Aan Zee’ was built at a dairy farm. Nowadays, their windmills are powering hundreds of farms across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. What is the road to success of this growing enterprise? And what can future entrepreneurs learn from their story? One of the founders joins us today! 

  • Get to know the story of EAZ Wind 
  • Find out what is needed start a business 
  • Learn the biggest challenges and chances as start-up in the field of energy 

Enschede Aan Zee is an example of a successful start-up. From engineering the first windmill to providing a complete energy system, dealing with grid operators and crossing borders within their first decade. Europe might be too small for EAZ Wind. The energy transition needs more entrepreneurs. Pay attention and you might follow their footsteps.

This activity can be used for the following certificates:

  • Energy Academy Certificate
  • Energy Transition Challenged
  • Northern Energy Region

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  • Tue 9 November
  • 15:00 - 16:00 (CET)
  • Online

Timo Spijkerboer