A physical activity in the Energy Barn at Entrance!

Dutch industry is responsible for roughly a third of CO2 emissions in our country. Towards a CO2-neutral industry by 2050, the goal is to halve these harmful emissions by 2030. The reduction is high on the industry’s agenda, but the results are lagging behind. Companies that start working individually do not achieve their goals, is working together with ‘the neighbors’ perhaps a solution? And what can we learn from nature in this?


The 200 million years of evolution has resulted in the tropical rainforest (and other natural ecosystems) being a productive and sustainable ecosystem. Everything in this system works together, and every part benefits. If we apply these design principles from nature in industry, we can make great strides in sustainability. So that a CO2-neutral industry is feasible. In this Barn Talk, Zwetsloot shows us these design principles.

Please note that this lecture is spoken in Dutch and does not count as Energy Learning Activity.

  • Wed 6 October
  • 16:15 - 17:30 (CEST)
  • Online

Henk Zwetsloot

ex- Manager Digital Innovation and Manager IT at Groningen Seaports