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Every hour, a new wind turbine arises somewhere in China and enough solar panels are installed to cover a football field. And that is needed. The country is facing major problems with air pollution, especially in the large cities. The government is underlining this problem and is taking big steps to tackle it. But what exactly are these steps and what is their plan for the coming decades? 

  • Get to know the how China is fighting climate change 
  • Find out what is needed to reach net-zero by 2050 
  • Learn the biggest challenges China is facing towards a clean energy system 

China is now the world’s largest investor in clean energy, partly as it seeks a solution to the country’s air pollution. The citizens are experiencing health problems and the planet needs clean energy. Can China keep continuing the green policy? And are they able to step forward as a world leader in green energy?

This activity can be used for the following certificates:

  • Energy Academy Certificate
  • Energy Transition Challenged
  • Global Energy Dynamics

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Ye Qi

Professor of Public Policy and Director of Institute of Public Policy at Hong Kong University Science and Technology