Climate, sustainability & behaviour

As a weather forecaster, Helga van Leur knows everything about meteorology. In addition, she has studied the human brain and psychology to gain insight into human behavior and communication on topics such as climate change and sustainability. People are now aware of the consequences of their behavior on the climate, but there is still a big difference between thinking and doing. Why does our brain have trouble making sustainable choices? And how do we get people to change their behaviour? During the Barn Talk on January 11, Helga explains how the weather and climate are changing, why this is happening and offers a positive perspective for action.

Sign up and attend the Barn Talk live!
The Barn Talk can be attended live in the Energy Barn in Groningen, but also online. After the broadcast, everyone is welcome at the following networking drink, for which drinks and snacks are ready. The Barn Talk is held in Dutch.

  • Wed 11 January
  • 15:30 - 16:45 (CET)
  • Energy Barn
    Zernikelaan 17
    9747 AJ Groningen, NL