Please note that this is spoken in Dutch. This activity can be followed online, as well as in the Energy Barn at Entrance. It can not be used for any of the certificates

A fair and social energy transition, that is what FNV and Milieudefensie stand for. But what does this look like? And what does this transition mean for citizens’ work, income and housing costs? How can the energy transition and savings really be beneficial for citizens? What opportunities does the energy transition offer for decent employment?

How do we ensure that investments in the energy transition benefit all of us? And what transformation does it take for companies to get to realise this? All of these issues are debated at the Barn Talk. Donald Pols, director of Milieudefensie, gives a nice kick-off to the debate with his contribution! Marcel Koenis (Director of Business Development at EnTranCe) is the moderator.

Table guests:
Beate de Ruiter – Chairman Lokaal FNV Groningen
Daan Brandenbarg – SP
Jim Lo-A-Njoe – D66
Yaneth Palacio (Menger) – 100% Groningen
Jalt de Haan – CDA
Ceciel Nieuwenhout – GroenLinks
Terence van Zoelen – PvDD

  • Wed 3 November
  • 16:15 - 17:30 (CET)
  • Online