Energy, the ugly duckling of the labor market?


According to the research by Antonia Hein, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Branding at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and Ph.D. candidate in the Talent in the Region project, the energy market in particular scores poorly in this area. The industry continues to cling too much to traditional methods, targeting middle-aged men, and shows little interest in young people, women, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. But what can organizations in the energy sector do to change this?

Antonia Hein will delve deeper into this during the Barn Talk on March 6th. She will discuss Employer Branding: how do organizations present themselves to potential employees, and what exactly do young job seekers expect from an organization? Is the attractiveness of an organization limited to recruitment, or can organizations also become more attractive to their current employees?

The Barn Talk will begin with a 15-minute introduction by Antonia on the key findings of her research, highlighting the differences between the three sectors in her study: Healthcare, IT, and Energy, as well as an international comparison of job vacancies. Following the introduction, we will engage in discussion with the audience, alongside a panel consisting of Arjen Edzes, Professor of Regional Labor Market at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, and Xandra Groenewold, Chairperson of the Groningen Entrepreneurship Fund. Groenewold is a connector par excellence with an extensive network in the Northern Netherlands. For years, she has been working to better showcase all the positives Groningen has to offer.

Sign up and attend the Barn Talk live!
The Barn Talk can be attended live in the Energy Barn in Groningen, but also online. After the broadcast, everyone is welcome at the following networking drink, for which drinks and snacks are ready. The Barn Talk is held in Dutch.

  • Wed 6 March
  • 16:15 - 17:15 (CET)
  • Energy Barn
    Zernikelaan 17
    9747 AJ Groningen, NL