Please note that this activity is spoken in Dutch and does not count for one of the certificates

While the national government policy outlines the broad outline for the energy transition, the local councilor has little leeway to interpret this in his own way. While energy poverty is happening right under their eyes and they feel powerlessness and dissatisfaction from the population. Decisions taken at the national level sometimes turn out to be wrong at the local level. Examples include gas prices or the construction of large wind farms: what can a councilor do about this? How do they tackle energy poverty and achieve local results in the energy transition?

And what do they need from energy professionals or researchers in advice or knowledge to make the right long-term choices? We also investigate what influence the municipal councilors can exert on the central government with regard to the transition: is there lobbying when they get stuck in the performance of their work? What does the government do when local implementation gets stuck?

  • Wed 2 March
  • 16:15 - 17:30 (CET)
  • de Energy Barn
    Zernikelaan 17
    9747 AJ Groningen, NL