Programme Description

During this mini course, you will join activities with a specific focus on the Global aspect. After this course you will be able to interpret the recent global developments. You have dived deeper in developments of some specific parts of the world; with lectures from NASA, Unido, NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and others. At the end of this programme, you can also recognize the challenges from a global perspective.  

This mini course will also include one Energy Academy Micro MBA. A half day course where the interdisciplinary challenges of the transition will be discussed and with a focus on the soft skills of the energy professional of the future. 

How does it work?

  • Sign in for this mini course
  • Choose (at least) 4 Energy Learning Activities with the Global Energy Dynamics-label, this will be shown in the calendar. These specific activities will be written on your personal certificate
  • Sign in for the Micro MBA, organized twice a year
  • After completing the requirements, you will be invited for the graduation ceremony! 


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Starting date:

Any date

Time of study:

4 Energy Learning Activities with the Global focus (1 1/2 hours per activity), 1 Micro MBA (4 hours)

Enter requirements:

None, only a general interest in the energy transition




Online + option for offline (Groningen)