"I consider myself a global citizen. Having lived in multiple countries and cultural contexts has made me deeply appreciative of the fact that the energy transition transcends borders, politics and economics. The Energy Academy did an outstanding job connecting dots in the energy sphere, not just on a local scale but by bringing speakers and experts together from all over the world with multiple perspectives, concerns and ideas."
Diego Ortiz
Alumnus Energy Academy Certificate 2019 & Student University of Groningen

Learning Approach

New Energy Academy focuses on smartening the energy transition with an interdisciplinary approach and high quality standards for the programmes.


All programmes of New Energy Academy have an interdisciplinary and multilevel approach. We work in close cooperation with professors, teachers, experts, companies, engineers and researchers in different disciplines like: law, politics, psychology, spatial science, business, technical and social sciences.

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Extra curricular for students and professionals

New Energy Academy facilitates extra curricular ‘Energy Learning’ activities for students from all over the world. Although we focus on students, we also welcome others: professionals who work or have an interest in energy or related fields and students following vocational training.

Academic Approach

New Energy Academy is not an accredited institution and it’s not allowed to provide official courses. That’s why we work closely with the Hanze University of Applied Science and University of Groningen. We also mirror our programmes to the up-to-date knowledge of our colleagues from New Energy Coalition and use the broad network of companies. This way we create a perfectly balanced academic approach for our programmes.

Certificates for students and professionals

Eventhough we are not an accredited institution, we hand out valuable certificates to students each school year:

  • The Energy Academy Certificate shows that a student has specialised knowledge and skills in a variety of energy-related subjects and is able to bring a smart interdisciplinary perspective to the energy transition and their job. The certificate attest that they participated in 10 of our Energy Learning Activities and studied a half-year energy related studies at their university.
  • The Declaration of Participation can be obtained by anyone who has an interest in the energy transition. It certifies that they have acquired knowledge about the opportunities and challenges faced by different stakeholders involved in the energy transition!
  • The mini-course ‘Northern Energy Region’ can be followed by anyone who want to gain specific knowledge about the northern energy region of the Netherlands.
  • The mini-course ‘Global Energy Dynamics’can also be followed by anyone who would like to dive deeper into this topic. Completing this course means that the student took a closer look at the global energy transition and is provided with more knowledge about the global challenges in the transition.

Meet Talents and network

We make it possible for you to meet the talents your company needs and vice versa. We create an informal setting to facilitate this but it’s also an opportunity for you to build on your professional network by connecting with peers.